Vital Connections strives to foster sustaining relationships between the people in Zimbabwe and others around the world. Through churches and individuals, we have been able to bring numerous benefits to the people of Zimbabwe and Africa, including:


Housing, feeding and educating orphans of the AIDS crisis.

Empowering churches to bring aid and care to those in need.

Training a new generation of church leaders.

Encouraging and enabling leaders to serve with courage and integrity.

Starting economic initiatives that bring independence and sustain life in difficult times.


There is great speed in trust. Since 1997, the leaders of Vital Connections have established hundreds of loving and trusting relationships with the Body of Christ in Zimbabwe. It is through these trusted partners that Vital Connections has been able to accomplish its’ mission to bring edification, exhortation and comfort to the church and individuals facing trying circumstances and times. God’s motivation toward mankind is relationship, and it is in our relationships that His nature and character are revealed.


We are a community of individuals and believers expressing our desire to help and sustain Zimbabwe in that which God has called them.



PO Box 141

Jenison, MI  49429-0141